World Timeline

KGV coronation proclamation on the Green

A timeline of World Events from 1750

This was created as a bit of fun for Westerham Town Partnership’s TALK OF THE TOWN event of Summer 2015 in Westerham

There will eventually be 100 rows of events here, culminating in 1954…

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 Dr Johnson published his famous ‘dictionary’ King George II is on the throne, the last King of England to lead his troops into battle

James Wolfe sailed for Quebec where he died a hero for his country…

…in that same year Arthur Guinness created a new ‘dark porter’ in Dublin

1801 The first UK census was of course, the Domesday book, but the first census of ‘modern-times’ was carried out in 1801. Only 20% of the people lived in towns and cities and Birmingham & Manchester had no MP The Country is run by a ‘Tory’ government under the Duke of Wellington. The opposition was under Sir Robert Peel
1820s The ‘Bow Street Runners’ are formed as the uk’s first police force  George IV takes the throne
1820s you could be hanged for over 200 offences, although the sentence was often commuted to ‘transportation’  1823: Mackintosh invented his raincoat in Scotland for a very good reason…
1825 The first passenger railway is built between Stockton and Darlington  1824 William Pitt the younger became the youngest ever Prime Minister at 24 yrs of age
1828 First National School opened at Hosey for Boys & Girls  1838: Samuel Morse invented his ‘Morse Code’

dit dit dit, dah dah dah

1830 William IV is crowned King
1837 Queen Victoria takes the throne
1844 Westerham Volunteer Fire Brigade is formed 

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